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Technology isn’t the answer to everything. And you’ve actually got to be pretty careful not to step on to every technology bandwagon. Still, it has its place. There are some technological advancements we simply could not live without: Digital x-rays minimize radiation exposure significantly. A series of 20 digital films (full mouth set) has the same radiation you would receive just walking around in the course of one day. They also maximize diagnostic power – they can be digitally enhanced and enlarged to aid in early detection. DNA PCR is used in our office to help us target antibiotics to the specific bacteria responsible for your specific periodontal disease. We also use genetic testing (Interluken-1 allele) to determine your genetic susceptibility for periodontal disease. LASER assisted non-surgical periodontal treatment is one of our favorite new advancements. This simple technique allows us to achieve better, long-lasting, more stable results with our periodontal treatment. Digital photography and intraoral cameras allow us to organize our findings and share them with you and our collaborating specialists. Infection-control technology is indispensable: Our state of the art ultrasonic cleaning and high-heat sterilization is the gold standard for prevention of the spread of disease and insuring that we maintain a clean and healthy environment. Our dental laboratory technicians combine the high-tech protocol for fabrication of CAD-CAM crown substrates with artistic mastery to produce restorations that boast all of the mechanical properties of CAD-designed restoration without compromising on the hand-crafted customization you can only get from a master ceramist.


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