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Every patient in our office receives a thorough examination of the throat and airway to assess for the risk of sleep apnea. Due to Dr. Brown’s special training with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, she is especially poised to detect risk of apnea and to help her patients connect with physicians who can make a definitive diagnosis. For most patients, treatment can be successfully carried out with the use of a CPAP to assist with breathing during sleep. For patients who are intolerant to the CPAP, Dr. Brown works closely with the sleep physician to fabricate an appliance to assist breathing without the use of the CPAP. After the oral appliance is fabricated, Dr. Brown continues to work closely with her patient and the sleep physician to finely hone the appliance so that sleep quality and comfort can be maximized. The treatment of sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea is a growing area of research with an ever-increasing knowledge base. Remaining at the forefront of knowledge and treatment requires constant attention to trends and studies. This area of endeavor is also tremendously rewarding as we have the opportunity to make a profound and lasting improvement in the health and lives of our patients.


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