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Bioesthetics is the guiding restorative philosophy behind our full-mouth rehabilitation. It is the only restorative philosophy based on a model of dental health - a model compiled by the careful examination and study of a large sample of healthy and stable people. When the principals of bioesthetic are applied, the results can be transformative. (See our bioesthetic results in the gallery.) The smile is more beautiful because the teeth are restored to their natural, original length and position. The face is more beautiful because the joint is allowed to return to its rest position and the patient does not need to recruit the muscles of the face and mouth to pull the teeth together. The muscles that also cause frowning and strain around the eyes then relax, creating a more rested, relaxed, and youthful appearance. And the system is more comfortable because everything is in the proper space, working harmoniously together. Bioesthetic restorative treatment can even correct or help to treat joint pain and headaches or migraines. Dr. Brown completed extensive training in Oral Bioesthetics. Nationwide, fewer than 300 dentists have completed the 3-year training in advanced bioesthtics at the Oral Bioesthetics Institute.


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