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When you reserve an appointment in our office, you can expect our team to be devoted entirely to you. We schedule enough time to care for you and give you our very best work. We do not schedule other patients during your appointment or schedule inadequate time for your needs.

As a patient in our practice, you will also have direct access to Dr. Brown via her mobile phone because dental problems and concerns often arise after hours and on weekends—we will be there for you when you need us.

We strive to give each of our patients personalized attention. Because we know our patients as individuals, we can customize their appointments to provide for their individual needs. For some patients, this involves crucial changes in our standard procedures to accommodate specific medical conditions. For others, it means simply providing extra neck support during a procedure. What does it mean for you?


We believe in providing the absolute best dentistry our industry has to offer. So when our patients need specialty services, we refer them to a small group of select, hand-picked specialists in our area. Many offices pride themselves on being able to provide "comprehensive" care where their patients can get every service under one roof. Too often, this degrades into "Jack of all trades, master of none" quality. You can be certain that if it is a service we provide, we are as good or better than the best out there at providing this service. And if we're not the best, we send you to someone who is.

Same goes for our dental laboratories. We ally ourselves with the best laboratory technicians and master ceramists in the industry to ensure we can deliver the very best. Our office collaborates with Daniele Capoferri at Swiss Dental Laboratory (www.capoferridentaldesign.com), Dan Klemish at Esthodontics, Dental Prosthetic Services (dpsdental.com), and Bernhard Egger at Natural Estetics in Germany (www.natural-esthetics.com).


Although disease often happens by accident, Health is the result of deliberate actions. Many dental practices simply identify disease when it pops up and then patch up the damage with some dentistry. As a patient in our practice, you will receive a thorough examination to identify both active disease and risk factors for future disease. You will receive a careful, customized prevention plan designed specifically for you so that you can mitigate the risk of future disease and dental needs. And it works! Year after year, our patients who follow their customized prevention program show up with healthy, stable oral health and no need for further dentistry. If you feel like you are always going to the dentist, only to find out you need more work again, then maybe a prevention plan is what you are missing.

Total Health

A growing body of research indicates a link between oral health and total health. Did you know that gum disease has been linked to most of the major diseases of inflammation, including heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer's? Or that treating your gum disease could stave off a stroke, a heart attack or having a low birth weight / preterm baby? Did you know that the mouth can give us clues as whether or not you suffer from potentially dangerous conditions such as heart disease, metabolic disease, allergies, cancer, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, or sleep apnea? Because of our level of education and awareness, our team is able to identify oral signs and symptoms of major systemic disease. With knowledge of the early signs of these diseases, our patients are able to detect and then begin to reverse this disease process early.


We believe that nature got it right the first time. So when it comes to restoring your teeth, we use nature as our guide. Not only should your restoration look like nature (shade, texture, translucency), but it should act like nature, too. It should have the same mechanical properties as natural teeth, and it should be placed and shaped just right and in harmony with you join, muscles, nerves, and bone. This philosophy of restorative care goes well beyond "cosmetic" dentistry, which only looks natural, to bio-mimetic dentistry which seeks to truly replicate nature. And although nothing is as good as nature, bio-mimetics uses natural principals to guide every aspect of treatment and restorative design.


Bioesthetics is the guiding restorative philosophy behind our full-mouth rehabilitation. It is the only restorative philosophy based on a model of dental health - a model compiled by the careful examination and study of a large sample of healthy and stable people. When the principals of bioesthetic are applied, the results can be transformative. (See our bioesthetic results in the gallery.)

The smile is more beautiful because the teeth are restored to their natural, original length and position.

The face is more beautiful because the joint is allowed to return to its rest position and the patient does not need to recruit the muscles of the face and mouth to pull the teeth together. The muscles that also cause frowning and strain around the eyes then relax, creating a more rested, relaxed, and youthful appearance.

And the system is more comfortable because everything is in the proper space, working harmoniously together. Bioesthetic restorative treatment can even correct or help to treat joint pain and headaches or migraines.

Both Dr. Leary and Dr. Brown have completed extensive training in Oral Bioesthetics. Nationwide, fewer than 300 dentists have completed the 3-year training in advanced bioesthtics at the Oral Bioesthetics Institute.

Orthopedic Splints

Most dental offices make mouthguards for their patients. We do not. We make orthopedic splints for nighttime use, or OSNUs. What is the difference? A mouth guard does only that – it guards the mouth or, more specifically, the teeth from damage at night. An orthopedic splint, on the other hand, protects the teeth and the muscles and the nerves and the joint – the entire chewing system - at night while you sleep, as well as discouraging the grinding tendency. How does it do this? The OSNU is customized for both the teeth it covers (usually the upper teeth) and the teeth that bite into it. It is a surrogate interface that allow the upper and lower teeth to come together and move about in agreement with the muscles and joint. Without this level of sophistication, your splint becomes a mere guard, which typically functions like a chew-toy. If you have a mouthguard but have a difficult time or cannot use it, then it is likely because it does not agree with your joint and muscles. You need an OSNU.

Joint Disease and Headaches

Our doctors have specialized training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of joint pain (TMD) and headaches, including migraines. Joint pain and headaches are complex conditions that often require multiple specialists working together. If your joint pain or headaches are caused by or affected by your bite, we can help. If you have symptoms of joint pain or headaches but aren’t sure if the bite is related, we can fabricate a non-invasive diagnostic tool, called a MAGO (Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthotic), that can help us determine whether and to what extent the bite is related. For many patients, addressing the bite can have a profound impact on their symptoms.


Technology isn’t the answer to everything. And you’ve actually got to be pretty careful not to step on to every technology bandwagon. Still, it has its place. There are some technological advancements we simply could not live without:

Digital x-rays minimize radiation exposure significantly. A series of 20 digital films (full mouth set) has the same radiation you would receive just walking around in the course of one day. They also maximize diagnostic power – they can be digitally enhanced and enlarged to aid in early detection.

DNA PCR is used in our office to help us target antibiotics to the specific bacteria responsible for your specific periodontal disease. We also use genetic testing (Interluken-1 allele) to determine your genetic susceptibility for periodontal disease.

LASER assisted non-surgical periodontal treatment is one of our favorite new advancements. This simple technique allows us to achieve better, long-lasting, more stable results with our periodontal treatment.

Digital photography and intraoral cameras allow us to organize our findings and share them with you and our collaborating specialists.

Infection-control technology is indispensable: Our state of the art ultrasonic cleaning and high-heat sterilization is the gold standard for prevention of the spread of disease and insuring that we maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Our dental laboratory technicians combine the high-tech protocol for fabrication of CAD-CAM crown substrates with artistic mastery to produce restorations that boast all of the mechanical properties of CAD-designed restoration without compromising on the hand-crafted customization you can only get from a master ceramist.

Sleep Apnea

Every patient in our office receives a thorough examination of the throat and airway to assess for the risk of sleep apnea. Due to Dr. Brown’s special training with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, she is especially poised to detect risk of apnea and to help her patients connect with physicians who can make a definitive diagnosis. For most patients, treatment can be successfully carried out with the use of a CPAP to assist with breathing during sleep. For patients who are intolerant to the CPAP, Dr. Brown works closely with the sleep physician to fabricate an appliance to assist breathing without the use of the CPAP. After the oral appliance is fabricated, Dr. Brown continues to work closely with her patient and the sleep physician to finely hone the appliance so that sleep quality and comfort can be maximized.

The treatment of sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea is a growing area of research with an ever-increasing knowledge base. Remaining at the forefront of knowledge and treatment requires constant attention to trends and studies. This area of endeavor is also tremendously rewarding as we have the opportunity to make a profound and lasting improvement in the health and lives of our patients.


Like most dental offices, we offer customized whitening trays for our patients who are looking to brighten their smile. And although the trays are customized to you, almost any whitening product can be used in the trays and the product can be modified to your specific needs and sensitivities.

But if you’ve tried whitening and been disappointed, or are looking to make a substantial change in the brightness of your smile, then Kor whitening may be more appropriate for your needs. Designed to maximize the potential for whitening and minimize the associated sensitivity and discomfort, Kor trays and the proprietary products have been shown to outperform typical whitening protocols.

We Believe in Doing Things Right! View our mission statement to find out what that means to us.

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